Artist:  Karen Sokolof Javitch

"Honey Bun"

"You Can Be Anything You want to Be"

"Medley of Nations"

"Hope In My Heart"

"There's Nothing Like a Friend"

"Shake It For You & Me"

Artist: Catherine Sarah Manna

"You Are Beautiful"


Please support the following artists who graciously allowed us
​to feature their awesome songs on the show!

Artist: Torrey Mercer

"I Believe In Me"

TV Special

"Aunt Molly & Friends On Ice"

The producers and crew of "Aunt Molly & Friends" wish to congratulate ALL of the skaters and coaches who did such an EXCELLENT job on the show!  

We also wish to thank all of the volunteers and parents who did such a GREAT JOB on the costumes and scenery!