Artist: Torrey Mercer

"I Believe In Me"

The producers and crew of "Aunt Molly & Friends" wish to congratulate ALL of the skaters and coaches who did such an EXCELLENT job on the show!  

Please support the following artists who graciously allowed us
​to feature their awesome songs on the show!

TV Special

"Aunt Molly & Friends On Ice"

We also wish to thank all of the volunteers and parents who did such a GREAT JOB on the costumes and scenery!

Artist:  Karen Sokolof Javitch

"Honey Bun"

"You Can Be Anything You want to Be"

"Medley of Nations"

"Hope In My Heart"

"There's Nothing Like a Friend"

"Shake It For You & Me"


Artist: Catherine Sarah Manna

"You Are Beautiful"